The “I” Word: Research Impact in the Arts & Humanities

This workshop enables researchers to familiarise themselves with innovative approaches and methods that can make for exciting new ways of conceptualising, designing, and carrying out their arts and humanities research in partnership with non-academic partners and audiences; at the same time, the workshop will also facilitate both critical and pragmatic appraisals of the processes and consequences of translating our work into impact narratives and metrics.

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The War Widows’ Quilt: A Short Film

Made by John Felix, this film tells the story of the War Widows’ Quilt, a moving, important new memorial to the lives of Britain’s war widows. Made from armed forces shirts by over ninety war widows and their family members, this beautiful and moving piece of art tells many individual stories of love, loss, and grief while also shining a light on the ongoing history of war widowhood in the UK.

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Listen to the Voices of War’s Forgotten Women

War Widows’ Stories captures the lives of war’s forgotten women past and present through oral history, participatory arts, public events, and archival research. The British public commonly imagine war widows to be elderly women who lost their husbands as a result of active combat in the Second World War, surrounded and supported by family, friends, the armed forces, and the state. While this applies to some women, it by no means describes the majority of Britain’s 18,950 war widows.

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AHRC Leadership Fellows Award for War Widows’ Stories

I have been awarded one of the Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Leadership Fellows grants. Centred around War Widows’ Stories and starting in September 2018, the Fellowship will allow me to substantially develop the project through further research on the history of war and by continuing my work with the war widows’ community and museums in an effort to raise public awareness of the lives of war’s forgotten women past and present.

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About My Blog & Me

This blog is about academia and me. It’s about academia and you. It’s about sharing my experiences of my profession, and about sharing knowledge and skills which are too often taken for granted. It’s about those academic voices which are either not heard at all, or are not heard enough. It’s about challenging dominant ideas of what academics should look like. It’s about redefining what it takes to be an academic and how academics are expected to present themselves, their lives, and their work. It’s about making ourselves and our profession simultaneously vulnerable and stronger, so that we can help change what makes us feel inadequate, ashamed, or unprofessional. So that we can help make academia more inclusive.

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[Funding] Heritage Lottery Funds War Widows’ Stories

I’m really pleased to say that I’ve been awarded my first external grant since my PhD. It’s not exactly news anymore by now, but last semester was so busy that I just couldn’t find the time to record things as they were happening. I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few years thinking […]

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[BBC Arts Film] Women in Weeds: The Victorian Widow

Get the popcorn, and dim the lights … Ok, maybe not. But if you had 5 minutes to watch my BBC Arts film on deviant Victorian widows (and why they could be so dangerous!), I’d be very honoured and humbled. I had great fun making it, and am much more pleased with the result than I thought I […]

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