Video Chat: How to Secure a Job after your PhD

Below you can find the recording of our live chat on “How to Secure a Job after your PhD”, which took place on 22 January 2014 and was hosted by The whole set up was incredibly exciting, not least because 1,000+ of you registered for a place and the lovely people at received 300+ questions in advance, in addition to the many things you asked on Twitter during the chat. Please feel free to keep your posting your questions to the panel on Twitter via #jobsQ.

Nadine Muller

Nadine Muller

Nadine is Senior Lecturer in English Literature and Cultural History at Liverpool John Moores University. Her research covers the literary and cultural histories of women, gender, and feminism from the nineteenth century through to the present day. She is currently completing a monograph on the Victorian widow (Liverpool University Press, 2019), and is leading War Widows' Stories, a participatory arts and oral history project on war widows in Britain.

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  1. Vivekananda Biswas says:

    Well, i am going to submit my Ph.D very soon, after that i will try to find a Post Doctoral job or fellowship in any foreign countries related to my research field, My research topic—“Integration of GIS and Remote Sensing for urban land use study in district Nainital, India” If anybody have idea about related University, job and faculty please help me…my email id…

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