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05/07/2017 “Preparing for the Academic Job Market” (University of Birmingham)

Last month I hosted a half-day workshop for PhD researchers at the University of Birmingham in which I discussed the best ways to prepare for the academic job market (without losing your mind, or not finishing your PhD). You can find the full advert for this workshop below as well here. If you would like to host a similar event for your postgraduates, or if you’d like to discuss a different kind of workshop or talk you’d like me to give, please get in touch with me here. Background What it takes to secure an academic job post-PhD...


10/02/2017 “Social Media for PhD Researchers” (University of Greenwich)

I’m thrilled to to be giving a two-hour workshop on social media to doctoral researchers at the University of Greenwich on 10 February 2017. If you’re interested in having me facilitate a similar training session for your colleagues or students, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me via email, or by leaving a comment on this page. You can find some of my talks on social media in the “Talks” section of this website.  


19/10/2016 Social Media for Arts & Humanities Researchers (University of Manchester)

I’m thrilled to have been asked to facilitate this social media workshop for the conference of the AHRC North West Doctoral Training Centre in Manchester this Autumn. Please check back here for more details as they become available. If you’d like to know more about these kinds of workshops, or if you’d like to discuss hosting training sessions for your researchers or research managers, please do get in touch with me via email.


21/06/2016 “Knowledge Is Power: Changing Academia One PhD at a Time” (University of Sheffield)

  I’m thrilled to have been asked to be the keynote speaker at this year’s Doctoral Academy conference at the University of Sheffield, and to be able to speak on a subject that is close to my heart. Academia can provide an amazing career in which we are allowed to research subjects we love, topics about which we are passionate, and issues which – no matter how great or small – shape lives and tell us more about the world we all inhabit. But academia, like most professions, is no safe haven. It is fraught with destructive hierarchies, false...


20/06/2016 “The New Academic: Career Development & Social Media for ECRs” (University of Exeter)

I’m excited to have been asked to deliver two workshops for PhD students and early-career researchers at the University of Exeter: one on how to strategically develop your CV in the pursuit of an academic career, the other on how social media can act as a useful tool academic career development. If you’d like to know more about these workshops and/or want to discuss hosting similar events, please get in touch with me via email (  


02/06/2016 “Early-Career Academics in English Studies” (King’s College, London)

I’m really excited to have been invited to contribute to an event dedicated to the topic of “Early-Career Academics in English Studies”, including issues such as ‘gender, mental health, teaching and research, and international early-career research and mobility. The event is co-sponsored by University English and the English Association. I’ll publish more details on this event and my contribution to it as they become available, so please check back soon.


03/05/2016 “Academia & Social Media” (University of Lincoln)

The University of Lincoln has committed funding to a commendable, inspiring new initiative started by its researchers: a postgraduate network for Women in Academia. I’m absolutely thrilled to be part of the networks series of workshops this year, and to be tackling the topic of social media and academia from a gendered angle. Please upgrade your browser


16/03/2016 “Writing for Survival: Publishing & Precarity in the Lives of Early-Career Researchers” (Liverpool)

I’ve been invited to deliver this paper at the The University Press Redux Conference in Liverpool. You can find the full programme here, and the abstract for my paper below.  The processes, practices, and politics of publishing have a substantial influence on the careers and the lives of early-career researchers. A book – be it under contract or in print – can make the difference between an existence defined by material and psychological precarity or the financial and emotional security that a permanent academic post promises. Based on real early-career academics’ experiences with university presses and other publishers, this talk...


05/02/2016 “Academia & Social Media” (University of Kent)

On 5 February 2016 I ran an Academia & Social Media workshop for a fabulous group of PhD students at the Graduate School at the University of Kent. If you’re interested in offering your researchers a workshop like this (or on another topic), please check out the poster below and get in touch.


Making Your Mark: Academia, Social Media, & Employability

I delivered this invited talk as part of an event called The Digital Academic, organised by and Piirus and held on 23 March 2015 at the University of Warwick. The aim of this session was to introduce ECRs and PhDs to how social media can help your academic profile, skills, and career prospects, but also to give a critical and realistic idea of the extent to which hiring committees actually take a candidate’s social media presence into account.


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