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About My Teaching Materials

The handouts and presentations you find in this section of the blog were devised by me, and I’m happy for you to use and adapt them as you see fit, without crediting me. Of course, it would be great to know if you’ve used any of the materials collated here, and how – if at all – you have adapted them to suit your topic, group, or course. Teaching is about sharing ideas. We all use our experiences as undergraduate students when we devise our seminars and lectures, and many lecturers share their notes and exercises with junior staff....


What Is Literature?

This is the introductory lecture for my Literary & Cultural Theory module. It introduces students to some of the questions theory can raise in relation to literature and its purpose as well as introducing some basic aspects of liberal humanism, and the module structure.


Making Meaning: Author, Reader, Text

This is the second lecture in our second-year theory core module, and it introduces students to theories on the relationships between authors, readers, texts, and their meaning. Below you can find the the handout for this lecture. Prezi to follow!



This is an introductory lecture to postmodernist theory, which forms the last critical lens we examine in this second-year course on literary and culture theory. This post contains both the Prezi and the lecture handout I’ve designed for this session.



This is an introductory lecture to posthumanism, and the post contains the Prezi I designed as part of my second-year Literary & Cultural Theory module.



This is an introductory lecture to structuralism, poststructuralism, and deconstruction. This post contains a detailed lecture handout as well as the Prezi for the lecture.


Gender & Queer Theory

This lecture introduces students to gender and queer theories and some of their key concepts, including also their relationship to feminist theory and transgender issues.


Theorising Popular Culture

This is a lecture that recaps some of last semester’s theories and consider both how scholars have theorised the role of popular culture in today’s society and how we might analyse different popular culture texts – such as music videos, TV shows, and adverts – through the theories we have studied on this module.


Essay Preparation

This lecture prepares students for the first essay on Literary & Cultural Theory. Next to recapping some basic guidelines (with the help of pet videos), it also tries to explain some of the new challenges students might face when writing an essay which incorporates theory.


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