About My Teaching Materials

The handouts and presentations you find in this section of the blog were devised by me, and I’m happy for you to use and adapt them as you see fit, without crediting me. Of course, it would be great to know if you’ve used any of the materials collated here, and how – if at all – you have adapted them to suit your topic, group, or course.

5748490041_93c5ce68f5_oTeaching is about sharing ideas. We all use our experiences as undergraduate students when we devise our seminars and lectures, and many lecturers share their notes and exercises with junior staff. Sharing our ideas and content not only helps diversify and improve our teaching. It also takes off a little bit of the pressure that we all know too well: you’re desperately trying to finish your thesis, while publishing, while giving papers, while taking any teaching you get, and – while you’re doing all that – you also often have to come up with how to teach the modules you’re given.

So I’m sharing in the spirit of openness as much as in the hope that it’ll alleviate the stress under which some of you may find yourselves, especially – though not exclusively – in the early stages of your career.