06/09/2023 War Widows’ Stories: Reflections on War’s Forgotten Women, Military Welfare, and Participatory Historical Methods

In September 2023, I will be travelling to Stockholm to give a research seminar for the Military History section at the Swedish Defence University, thanks to a generous invitation by my colleague Professor Steve Murdoch. In this session, I will look back at the War Widows’ Stories project and its work to date to reflect particularly on the methodologies we have employed over the past few years, from oral history to textile art and more traditional literary, cultural and historical research, and how different approaches have yielded narratives of war widowhood that, though very different in their formats, communicate diverse yet connected experiences. Steve contributed some of his fascinating work on the Scottish widows of the 30 Years’ War to the War Widows’ Stories project at our events and our blog. Together with Katherine Zickermann, Steve wrote a short piece for us on some of this research, and you can find it here at the War Widows’ Stories blog.