[Victorian Comic Song] “Beautiful Young Widow Brown” (1865) by Arthur Lloyd


Beautiful Young Widow Brown (1865)Some time ago taking a walk out,
Smoking my weed and thinking of nothing;
A beautiful lady did stalk out,
Of a villa at Camden Town:
I ran up to the door that she left, ‘cos
I wanted to know who she was, and was told
Of her husband the lady bereft was
And they called her the young Widow Brown.
But she was a most beautiful lady,
Curly black hair, features so fair;
I fell quite in love with this lady
Beautiful young Widow Brown.

When the servant this news had imparted,
I followed the lady and soon overtook her;
Not far from the place where she’d started,
Taking a bus for the Town:
On the outside I then got a seat too,
For inside they were full and I couldn’t get near her;
But I was determined I’d speak to
The beautiful young Widow Brown.

The driver pull’d up at a street, as
The Widow got out, and of course I soon follow’d;
And saw that she’d beautiful feet, as
She daintily lifted her gown:
Now ‘twas raining, so thinks I, old fellow,
Here’s a good chance, so politely going up to her;
Offer’d my arm and umbrella,
Which was accepted by young Widow Brown.

I became then a constant frequenter.
Of her house, which was in Fitzroy Square;
And the choiciest of articles often I sent her,
And for her would run up and down:
I bought her a carriage to ride in,
And offered to wed, but her word she’d not give:
In a fortnight, or so I’ll decide in,
Said beautiful young Widow Brown.

In a fortnight I called on the lady,
To get her decision, but wasn’t I sold;
For she’d married a man called O’Grady,
And that morning they’d both left the town;
I thought of her many times after,
And the money I’d spent, but I’m not such a fool now;
Tho’ friends often greet me with laughter,
When they speak of the young Widow Brown.
But she’s married to Mr O’Grady,
With her curly black hair, features so fair;
And I hear that she’s now got a baby,
Has the beautiful late Widow Brown.